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freestyle libre

Freestyle libre is part of ADC (Abbott diabetes care), a technology company dedicated to advancing breakthrough in diabetes care through innovative medical technologies such as continuous glucose monitors (CGMs).

Develop a new a cutting-edge Freestyle libre app designed to seamlessly cater to the specific requirements of individuals with diabetes, empowering them to effectively manage their condition with ease and confidence.



Conduct rapid iterative research to collect feedback from existing Freestyle Libre users, enabling targeted enhancements to the prototype's critical components, particularly focusing on refining information architecture and UI design.


Exploratory interviews with current Freestyle Libre users to understand their experience with their glucose monitor, uncovering key strengths, pain points, and potential areas of improvement.

Tree test

Evaluate the information architecture of the current FSL app to provide actionable recommendations aimed at improving the new app's navigation, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly experience for all users.

Usability tests

Conduct two rounds of usability tests to evaluate the performance of key areas across the prototypes, interviewing respondents as they performed tasks.

Qualitative Analysis Report

Distillation of recurring themes and patterns derived from qualitative feedback obtained through interviews and usability tests. This analysis offered a nuanced understanding of user preferences, pain points, and motivations, providing invaluable insights to inform design decisions.

User Journey map

Visual representations of the steps and touchpoints users encounter while interacting with the Freestyle libre app, highlighting pain points and opportunities for improvement.


Improved Navigation

User-centric enhancements resulted in smoother navigation within the Freestyle Libre app.

35% Increase in Task Success Rate

Iterative testing led to a significant boost in overall task success rate, reflecting improved usability and functionality.

Enhanced User Satisfaction

User feedback indicated increased satisfaction with the Freestyle Libre app, demonstrating the successful alignment of the app's design with the specific needs of individuals managing diabetes.

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