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Sagewealth is a Series A startup committed to empowering individuals to achieve their financial goals through personalized investment strategies and with a focus on sustainable investing.

Sagewealth was in need of rapid site optimization to enhance the user experience and conversion rate, positioning itself as a more attractive investment opportunity for potential investors ahead of their upcoming fundraising round.



Rapidly conduct usability tests to identify user pain points, thoroughly assess design elements, and evaluate content clarity. Expedite the evaluation of the onboarding flow to pinpoint areas for improvement, accelerating the increase of conversion rates.


Collaborate closely with Sagewealth to thoroughly grasp their offerings and pinpoint critical areas for evaluation across the user journey.


Conduct usability tests, observing participants as they navigate through the website and complete the onboarding process, and gather feedback on user experiences and pain points.


Analyze results and identify improvement opportunities: Collate and analyze data from usability tests to identify recurring patterns, prioritize issues based on severity, and determine actionable insights for improvement.


Collaborate with Sagewealth to implement changes based on usability test findings, iteratively updating the website design, content clarity, and user interface elements to enhance the user experience.

Usability Test  Report

Detailed findings from the usability tests, including task success rates, error rates, and user feedback on usability issues encountered during interaction with the prototypes. A comprehensive plan outlining the steps for implementing recommended changes based on research findings, prioritizing improvements to maximize user satisfaction and engagement.

User Journey map

Visual representations of the steps and touchpoints clients encounter while interacting with the Sagewealth website and onboarding process, highlighting pain points and opportunities for improvement.


Conversion Rate Boost

The implementation of iterative improvements following usability tests resulted in a significant increase in the conversion rate by 35%, leading to a substantial growth in the user base.

Onboarding Dropout Reduction

By addressing identified pain points and optimizing the onboarding flow, the dropout rate during the onboarding process decreased by 26%, ensuring a smoother and more seamless user experience.

Enhanced User Engagement

Sagewealth witnessed a marked increase in user engagement metrics such as average session duration, page views, and interactions with key features.

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